4 Walls Enclosure Kit PVC 420D for a Tent 2.92х2.92m

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4 Walls Enclosure Kit PVC 420D for a Tent 2.92х2.92m

Type Walls
Size 2.92x2.92 m
Material PVC
Colour White

Tent wall panels are as necessary as the pavilion itself. Buying a garden gazebo tent  of an open type, you are providing protection from the sun and a light rain. But what if during your holiday, you will suddenly get caught off guard by the wind, dust, downpour or annoying insects? The answer is simple - to buy a tent with wall panels.

A set of 4  PVC wall panels  420 D for a tent 2.92х2.92m will come to rescue and will provide the family or a company of friends with comfortable pastime. The walls are fastened to the frame with the help of special ribbons.  

The advantages of wall panels:

  1. A reliable protection from insects,dust, wind and rain.    
  2. It is possible to install a heater or an air conditioner inside the tent (depending on the season)
  3. The use of the gazebo with walls can be much wider than  that of a regular tent.

The walls are made from synthetic PVC material. Thanks to its resistance to ultraviolet, the material doesn’t melt. Waterproof  properties of the material will resist moisture. Products made from PVC keep their appearance beautiful for a long time.


  • Comes complete with: 2 blind wall panels, 1 panel with the door, 1 wall with a window.
  • Material: PVC 420 D (fabric density 160 g/m2).
  • Color: white.
  • Size: 2.92х2.92 м.

If you already own a pop up pavilion but want to make a full fledged gazebo, purchase a set of wall panels for the tent at a beneficial price.   

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