Big wooden dollhouse, 103х120 cm (9152)

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Big wooden dollhouse, 103х120 cm (9152)

Type House for dolls
Size 30x103x120 cm
Weigth 15 kg

A large dollhouse in gentle pastel shades will become the most desirable gift for growing kids. A wooden dollhouse is a three-storey villa with five rooms, a balcony, a terrace and a lift. The height of the model allows even a tall child to play inside in a comfortable position.  

Kids’ house with furniture is very stable and all its elements and ideally polished for the kids’ safety. The colour range of the house is pleasant to the eye and will fit the interior of any kids’ room. It comes with a remote control that makes it possible to change the illumination in the house according to the owner’s taste.  



- age: 3+

- certificates: CE, EN 71;

- number of elements in the set: 29;

- suits the dolls up to 15 cm;

- up to 16 illumination colours;

- dimensions (length/width/height): 30х103х120 cm;

- weight: 15 kg.


Packaging arrangements:

- bed with a canopy;

- bedside table;

- bedside lamp;

- settee;

- piano;

- chair;

- lamp;

- TV stand;

- stairs;

- lift;

- bathtub;

- toilet;

- washbasin;

- table with two chairs - kitchen set;

- palm tree;

- table with 2 chairs - outside;

- canopy;

- remote;

- 6 dolls; 

- house.


Would you like to buy a dollhouse that will give your child a lot of themes for games? Visit our store on any day of the week.

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