Cat House CAT215 Grey

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Cat House CAT215 Grey

Color Grey
Height 150 cm
Size 60x40 cm
Weight 10.3 kg

Does your precious cat have little room for his games? Has your furniture become unusable because your pet likes to sharpen its claws where it definitely should not? The purchase of this cozy cat house with scratching posts will help you solve these problems. Now your cat will have its own place, where it will be able to sharpen its claws as much as it wants and have a rest after a day full of adventures.
The comfortable and soft cat house has two convenient places where your fluffy pet can rest, as well as a separate place for sleeping. Your feline friend will definitely enjoy a small ladder, which is also a place for claw scratching, and the rope attached to the upper level will surely become its favourite toy.
With the help of an intuitive assembly scheme enclosed, you will easily piece together the cat house at your home. Surprise your cat with this cozy multi-storey house – your lovely pet certainly deserves it!

Material: faux fur, particle board, a rope made of natural sisal;
Feature: house have 2 places for sitting and sleeping, as well as the staircase;
Size: 60 cm x 40 cm x 150 cm;
Colour: grey;
Weight: 10.3 kg.

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