Pop Up Folding awning 3x6 m, without walls, White, N series, aluminum (tent, pavilion, canopy)

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Pop Up Folding awning 3x6 m, without walls, White, N series, aluminum (tent, pavilion, canopy)

Size 3 x 6 m
Fabric 600D PU 260 g/m2
Frame type Aluminium
Frame thickness 50x50x1.8 mm
Colour White
Walls No
Weight 60 kg

Is it important for you that the folding pavilion would be the most stable and made of the most durable materials? We are the first on the market who deliver tents made from extra durable polyester with aluminum frame made from square profile with the area of 25 cm2!

A garden tent makes an excellent choice for creating the shield from direct sun rays and precipitation.

Folding tent 3х6m, N series, is easy and quick to assemble. The Garden gazebo consists of a folding frame, covered with strong fabric.

Why is it worth buying the tent?

  1. This simple construction can serve as a gazebo, a dining place on the lawn or even as a sales tent.
  2. The set up won’t take too much time and doesn’t require any special skills.
  3. Occupies little space when folded.
  4. Will give comfort on hot or rainy days.
  5. Reliable materials will keep the original look for long service years.
  6. The construction is easy to move to any convenient spot.

Aluminum profile is used for the frame. Corrosion won’t spoil the frame surface. In spite of its light weight, aluminium is a durable metal. It comprises no toxic components that could harm people.

The roof of the folding canopy is made from polyester. The material is famous for its high durability and long service life. Polyester doesn’t get deformed under the influence of moisture, ultraviolet or oxygen.


  • Material: polyester 600D (thickness 260g/m2).
  • Frame: aluminum profile 50x50x1.8 mm.
  • 4 height adjustments.
  • Size: 3х6 m.
  • Color: white.
  • Bag

Buy a folding tent pavilion in our shop and provide yourself with proper recreation.   

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