Gaming chair black-blue BM3030

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Gaming chair black-blue BM3030

Weight 18 kg
Max. load 120 kg
Size 84x65x31 cm
Backrest height 85 cm

Gaming chair
Are you or one of your friends or relatives an avid gamer? In this case, the problems with back pain and discomfort throughout the body because of spending hours in sitting position are surely familiar to you. The solution is easy - get a special gaming chair and enjoy your favorite computer games without being distracted by any inconvenience!
A high backrest that supports the spine will help you to take the right position, while high-quality materials guarantee the reliability of the construction and the long-term usage of the product. The height of the chair is adjustable, which makes it easy to customize it according to your height and personal preferences.
Order this gaming chair in our store and enjoy the virtual world – from now on playing games will become even more exciting!
  • Material: PU;
  • Base: 350MM black painting metal base;
  • Armrest: 2D armrest;
  • Tilt mechanism: 135-degree recline;
  • Brand: AutoFull;
  • Weight: 18 kg;
  • Size: 84 x 65 x 31 cm.

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