Pop Up Folding awning 3x6m, with walls, White, N series, aluminum (tent, pavilion, canopy)

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Pop Up Folding awning 3x6m, with walls, White, N series, aluminum (tent, pavilion, canopy)

Size 3 x 6 m
Fabric 600D PU 260 g/m2
Frame type Aluminium
Frame thickness 50x50x1.8 mm
Colour White
Walls Yes
Weight 65 kg

Is it  of utmost importance for you that a folding pavilion would be the most sturdy and would be made from the most durable materials? We are the first at the market who deliver tents made from extra durable polyester with aluminum frame made from square profile with the area 25 cm2!

A folding pavilion will become a reliable shelter from the sun. And if you buy a full fledged tent enclosure kit with wall panels, your out of doors recreation will become much more comfortable.  

Pop up tent with wall panels 3х6m, N series is a super durable but easy  to set up construction.

  1. Why is it worth buying a tent enclosure kit with walls?
  2. The construction will protect from the heat, cold, wind, rain or insects.
  3. A garden gazebo will be suitable both for home use and for commercial purposes, even for a cosy cafe.
  4. High quality of materials of garden tents will provide a long service life.
  5. It is possible to install an air conditioner or a heater into an enclosed pop up tent depending on the season.   
  6. It is possible to set the tent up in minutes thanks to a well thought pop up construction.
  7. When folded, the gazebo takes up minimum space. It is convenient to keep and transport.
  8. The gazebo is sturdy both on flat and uneven surface.  

The frame is made from aluminium. Square section of the stands is especially durable and is has high load capacity. The profile is resistant to corrosion. Aluminum constructions keep their original appearance during a long service period. Aluminum profile frame doesn’t deform under the influence of high and low temperatures.

Strong polyester is used for canopy and walls manufacturing. The material doesn’t fade in the sun thanks to its resistance to the influence of ultraviolet, and it won’t get wet in the rain due to its waterproof properties.  The fabric is resistant to deforming and decay, it doesn’t stretch or tear, that’s why it will maintain beautiful appearance for a long time. Even abrupt temperature changes aren’t able to destroy the fabric structure.


  • Packaging: 4 wall panels, canopy, frame.
  • Canopy and walls material: polyester 600 D (fabric density 260 g/m2).
  • Frame: aluminum profile 50x50x1.8 mm.
  • Tent size: 3х6 m.
  • Color: white.

It order to buy a pop up tent enclosure kit with wall panels made from the most durable materials at the best price just come to our store in Riga or order a delivery by phone.

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