RESTPRO® VIP 3 Cream Massage Table + Massage Bolsters

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RESTPRO® VIP 3 Cream Massage Table + Massage Bolsters

Model VIP
Sections 3
Color Cream
Cusion colour Cream
Padding thickness 6 cm
Headrest material Aluminium
Weight 20 kg
Form Rectangular
Size L - 192x70 cm

Professional massage table RESTPRO® VIP Edition.
What is the main difference between VIP Edition and regular massage tables?
1) VIP Edition massage tables has HIGH density Hard-Foam padding, while the regular tables has low density foam.
2) VIP Edition massage tables has 6 cm of foam padding, while the regular tables has 4 cm.
3) Skin-touch Upholstery - super comfort "Skin-touch" luxurious PU upholstering is not only pleasant for touch, but is also more durable than PVC vinyl that is usually used to cover the tables. PVC vinyl upholstery begins to crack and peel in a year of heavy use while eco - leather “Skin-touch” is worn out much longer.
4) The basis of the headrest of VIP Edition table is made from aluminum, instead of plastic.
5) VIP Edition table has rounded corners.
VIP Edition improvements will prolong the massage couch life and will give extra comfort to your customer.
Massage table package includes: 
 RESTPRO® Massage Table, carry case, user’s manual.
• Length 192 cm, 220 cm with face cradle;
• Width 70 cm, 95 cm with arm support;
• Height: from 63 to 84 cm;
• Working weight 250 kgs;
• Face cradle and arm support;
• Upholstery: "Skin-touch";
• Fold-Up dimensions 95x70x23 cm;
• Weight 20 kgs.

RESTPRO® massage round half-bolster cream colour.
Lenght: 65 cm.
Diameter: 7 cm.

RESTPRO® massage round bolster cream colour.
Lenght: 65 cm.
Diameter: 14 cm.

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