Slide with a Climbing Wall Starplay

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Slide with a Climbing Wall Starplay

Size 241х162 cm
Height 106.5 cm
Weight 15 kg

Kids slide with a climbing wall is a great motive for going out of doors and having fun with kids. This toy is ideal for your garden since it is manufactured from durable plastic.  

To be able to ride down the slide, a child should first conquer the climbing wall. You can change the positions of colourful pegs to make the task harder or easier. The pegs are securely fixed with the help of plastic nuts.  

Your children and their friends can explore a kids climbing wall with a slide which will help them develop their social and motor skills.
The slide has a light but durable construction. For extra stability, the climbing wall is strengthened with metal supports. The wall is connected with the trough with the help of a plastic bumper that can endure a kid with large weight. The material of the toy is resistant to the sun and water, so the slide can be used for a swimming pool.

Main characteristics:
- age: 2+,
- trough length: 200 cm,
- size: 241х162х106.5 cm,
- color: red, blue, yellow, green, violet,
- is supplied with: 8 supports for climbing with fastenings,
- package size: 193х53,5х31 cm,
- material: high quality plastic,
- weight: 14 kg.

Kids climbing board with a warranty from a leading European brand is already available in our shop.Order and enjoy playing outdoors!

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