SUP board Aqua Marina Triton 11’2″, 340x81x15 cm

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SUP board Aqua Marina Triton 11’2″, 340x81x15 cm

Weight 9.7 kg
Size 340x81x15 cm
Max.weigh 150 kg
Displacement 320 l
Rigidity (PSI) 15
Oar size 1.65х2.1 m, 3 sekc.

A Triton surfing board is an optimal choice for beginners who aren’t steady on the water yet, as well as for experienced riders who start the surfing season in early spring. This sup board is so stable and steady that your feet will stay dry even in windy weather or in small waves.

The board has a sufficient displacement and stiffness for one heavy rider or two average weight riders. With the help of a soft kick pad you will be able to manoeuvre the voluminous boat easily and accurately. The stylish and laconic combination of colours will help you to stand out among other water fun lovers.

Main characteristics:

- size (length/width/thickness): 340х81х15 cm;

- weight: 9.7 kg;

- volume: 320 l;

- maximum air pressure: 15 psi;

- maximum weight: up to 150 kg;

- layer number: 1;

- paddle blade size: 42х20 cm;

- paddle length: 165-210 cm;

- gross weight: 15.4 kg;

- package size: 44х26х95 cm;

- packaging arrangement: SUP board, paddle Sport III, safety leash, hand pipe with  Jombo 23.5 action supplied with a manometer, carry backpack, central fin, repair kit.


Tame the water element even if the weather doesn’t bring the joy of summer heat. With a new sup board Triton there is no limit to your opportunities.

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