SUP board Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8’0″, 244х71х10 cm

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SUP board Aqua Marina VIBRANT 8’0″, 244х71х10 cm

Weight 9.6 kg
Size 244x71x10 cm
Max.weigh 60 kg
Displacement 140 l
Rigidity (PSI) 15
Material Drop Stitch
Oar size 1.3-1.65 m; 3 sekc.
Oar material Aluminium

Surfing board VIBRANT 8’0″ is designed especially for training teens and adults whose weight doesn’t exceed 60 kilograms. This lightweight sup board has a smaller size and volume than the standard one. It has a high manoeuvring ability and it is easy to control.  

A three section lightweight paddle has been designed for beginners. Its length can be adjusted from 130 to 165 cm and its weight is only 540g. The paddle blade has a small area which makes rowing easier. The paddle is made from 1 mm aluminium and has an ergonomic grip of a smaller diameter.

Just as the larger boards, the lightweight SUP board is supplied with a big central fin that can be removed if not needed. The deck is covered with a non-slippery textured mat made from foam EVA material for better cohesion with the surface.  

Main characteristics:

- size (length/width/thickness): 244х71х10 cm;

- weight: 5.7 kg;

- volume: 140 l;

- maximum air pressure: 15 psi;

- maximum weight: up to 60 kg;

- layer number: 1;

- gross weight: 9.6 kg;

- package size: 40х23х80 cm;

- Packaging: SUP board, ACE paddle, lead, dual action pump 23.5 with a manometer, backpack Magik, central fin with a lock, a repair kit.

With the new bright and convenient SUP board your kid will surely give up computer games and will enjoy sea adventures!  

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