Baby stroller for travel Fuxtec JW76C

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Baby stroller for travel Fuxtec JW76C

FUXTEC JW series foldable baby stroller is a universal tool for convenient children transportation. New wide wheels and reliable brakes make FUXTEC JW76C an ideal companion for every family. Despite the high load capacity of 75 kg, the stroller is very easy to use – fold it with just one hand! Thanks to its small dimensions, the assembled stroller will save space. The kit includes an extra bag for easy transportation.
FUXTEC JW76C foldable baby stroller is suitable for gardening, for transporting purchases from the car to the house or for the construction site. If desired, you can install or dismount the roof in a few simple steps. In the large back pocket you can easily carry towels or other luggage.
Special features:
  • folding stroller depth 18 cm;
  • sun and rain protection;
  • folded bag for transportation;
  • an additional bag on the back for carrying luggage;
  • carrying capacity up to 75 kg;
  • brake pedal for safe trip on the beach;
  • universal use;
  • large wheels made of reliable lacquered metal;
  • steel frame;
  • the stroller is immediately ready for use;
  • compatible with FUXTEC seat belts.
  • Size: 60 cm x 75 cm x 120 cm;
  • Back pocket dimensions: 48 cm x 19 cm x 20 cm;
  • Internal pocket dimensions: 42 cm x 26 cm x 86 cm;
  • Package dimensions: 60 cm x 78 cm x 20 cm;
  • Package contents: back pocket, bag for transportation;
  • Carrying capacity: 75 kg;
  • Wheel width of: 7,5 cm;
  • Wheel diameters: 19 cm;
  • Brake: yes;
  • Weight: 12 kg;
  • Fabric cover for the roof.
This model is designed for walking along the beach.
Comparison of the children's stroller FUXTEC with other manufacturers: the visor is installed on telescopic pipes. The stroller is quickly foldable. The basket is covered with waterproof and dirt-repellent material. The stroller is equipped with an additional basket for transporting bottles. The large wheels are equipped with brakes for stability on any ground. Other manufacturers install wheels of much smaller size. Double profile increases durability, whereas thick varnish protects the structure from corrosion. Design patented in the USA.

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