Pop Up Folding awning 3x4.5 m, with walls, Green, X series, aluminum (tent, pavilion, awning)

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Pop Up Folding awning 3x4.5 m, with walls, Green, X series, aluminum (tent, pavilion, awning)

Size 3 х 4.5 m
Fabric 420D PVC 160 g/m2
Frame type Aluminium
Frame thickness 40x40x1.0 mm
Colour Green
Walls Yes

Having a natural desire to organize a comfortable recreation out of doors? Then you will need a garden tent, a simple construction that will protect from the hot sun. And if you buy an enclosure tent with walls, you can provide additional protection from the wind, rain, dust and insects.

A pop up enclosure tent with wall panels 3х4.5 m, H series, can be put up in minutes. This shelter won’t allow unfavorable weather conditions to spoil your holiday.  

What advantages does a garden gazebo enclosure kit possess?

  1. A reliable protection from the sun, the wind, the rain, dust, cold and insects.
  2. Easy to put up pop up construction.
  3. High quality of materials will provide a long service life.  
  4. Folding shelter can be used as a gazebo, taken to picnics, set up as a promotion stand or turned into a cosy cafe.

Wall panels and the roof are made from PVC. Thanks to water resistant properties, the tent is waterproof. Special coating prevents mud and  soot sticking, making the cleaning of the material much easier.

The frame is made from steel. The metal doesn’t fear abrupt temperature changes.The profile is protected from rust by special varnish and paint coating. And steel frame will keep original technical characteristics for a long time.


  • Packaging: 4 wall panels, canopy, frame.
  • Wall and roof material: PVC 420 D (fabric density 160g/m2).
  • Folding frame: aluminum profile 40x40x1.0 mm.
  • Tent size: 3х4.5 m.
  • Color: green.

Visit our store and choose a pop up pavilion. You can buy a tent right now buy ordering a convenient delivery.  

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