SUP board Aqua Marina MEGA 18’‎1", 550x152x20 cm

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SUP board Aqua Marina MEGA 18’‎1", 550x152x20 cm

Weight 27 kg
Size 550x152x20 cm
Max.weigh 650 kg
Displacement 1400 l
Rigidity (PSI) 8

With this gorgeous sup board you can organize a real sea adventure for your friends! Rigid and reliable sup board has passed the reliability test in extreme conditions. With this board you don’t have to worry about your safety. It is pretty easy to pump up the huge board with the help of two air pumps.

There are 13 handles around the perimeter which make it easy to carry it with a good company of friends or to get out of the water. The steadiness and manoeuvring ability are provided by five securely fixed fins. The surfing board is quick to set on the water and then it can be compactly packed into a large carry and storage bag. Mount your favourite GoPro on the board nose and make a video of your unforgettable voyage!


Main characteristics:

- size (length/width/thickness): 550х152х20 cm;

- weight: 27 kg;

- volume: 1400 l;

- maximum air pressure: 8 psi;

- maximum weight capacity: up to 650 kg;

- independent chambers: 5;

- gross weight: 33.5 kg;

- package size: 167х47х31 cm;

- packaging arrangement: SUP board, 2 hand pumps JOMBO with a manometer, carry bag, 5 fins, GoPro mount, repair kit.


Do you have a still water excursion planned for today or a merry ferry? Just put Aqua Marina MEGA on the water and make up an entertainment on the go!

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