Trampoline 366 cm with safety net and ladder 12ft (3.66 m)

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Trampoline 366 cm with safety net and ladder 12ft (3.66 m)

Type Trampoline
Ladder Yes
Net Yes
Diameter 366 cm
Height 80 cm
Weight 68 kg

Are you looking for an alternative to boring activities in the gym? We offer the ideal solution for your whole family - jumping on the trampoline!
The trampoline will not only make you laugh and smile a lot, but also strengthen your health considerably. 15-20 minutes of jumping on a trampoline in the open air will easily replace an hour-long training at the fitness club! Such outdoor workouts strengthen immunity, supply the body with oxygen and increase endurance, which is important for both children and adults.
The design of the trampoline is reliable and can withstand up to 150 kg of weight. For your convenience and safety, this sports accessory is equipped with a ladder and a safety net. Purchase this wonderful equipment for your home today, ordering its delivery or coming to our store on Granita iela 3 in Riga.
From now on, you will forget about the problems of entertaining your friends and family on warm summer days. Do you know how many funny photos can be taken while jumping on a trampoline? Feel yourself carelessly soaring in the air and free yourself from the burden of all your problems by installing a trampoline in your backyard or your summerhouse garden. Your excellent mood is guaranteed!
How to set up trampoline you can watch in our video!
Trampoline 366 cm + ladder + safety net
  • Diameter: 366 cm
  • Height: 80 cm
  • Total height: 240 cm
  • Height of the net: 172 cm
  • Maximal user weight: 150 kg
  • Weight: 66 kg
  • Springs: 72
  • Size of the springs: 38x1,25 mm
  • Trampoline packed in 2 boxes
  • Frame: galvanized steel
  • Springs: galvanized steel
  • Safety net: Polyester
  • Springboard: rubber fabric  

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